Brazos Walking Sticks

Wholesale Information

We recently talked to one of our wholesale customers who owns two hardware stores in Kansas. We asked her a few questions about our product offering and thought it would be helpful for all of our wholesale customers and potential customers. Please have a watch!

Here's how a few of our happy customers put it...

I have been looking for a walking stick for awhile now and when I walked into the ACE Hardware Store in Angier, NC, there it was. Love it!
— Joanne N.

This is my second Brazos walking stick. This is a Mother’s Day present. It is beautiful, feels so good, I absolutely love it!! This walking stick is so sturdy, I need the support as I need a hip replacement.
— Sharlene S.

This is one beautiful walking stick. The ergonomic handle is the most comfortable of any of your walking stick handles that I have. Thanks!
— Cory H.

My wife Bonnie and I like to take short walks in the evening, but my back starts to hurt when I walk, and I quickly tire out. I have seen the display of sticks at Ace Hardware, but when I saw my neighbor walking with one (actually he is a master carpenter and made his own), I thought that might be the trick. I went over to Ace yesterday, picked out their longest stick (I am 6’6″) and tried it out, walking up and down the aisles, said to myself, this is it! Brought it home, tried it out last evening, walked further than I have in a long time and with no pain! Thanks for a really great walking stick. You can be sure I will recommend it to others. Also it gives me some bragging material as I am a native Texan (El Paso)!!

— Tom G.